I am a freelance journalist and photographer. My work has appeared in many leading national magazines and in a college textbook. I hold a BS degree in English and have taught writing and composition for three decades. Click on the links below for published pieces.

The Harley-Davidson Legend – LOEWS MAGAZINE (pp.36-39)

Brutal Beauty / Cover Article - AMERICAN MOTORCYCLIST

Secular Steeples: Popular Culture and the Religious Imagination – COLLEGE TEXTBOOK

Common Bond - Mail Order Rides - MOTORCYCLIST MAGAZINE

Riding Ketchikan Alaska – Rim Camping and Fishing - Utah Highway 12 - Northern Arizona Loop Ride - ROADRUNNER MAGAZINE

Moto Touring Oahu - Wonderful West Texas - Grand Canyon Rims Ride - Magical Northern New Mexico - RIDER MAGAZINE

Joshua Tree / Cover Article – Fish Tacos, AK-47s, and the Baja 250 – BACKROADS MAGAZINE

Rare Race Bikes of Red Rock - One Wife, Many Motorcycles – MOTORCYCLE CLASSICS MAGAZINE

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